Pipe Systems

Piping systems are a fundamental part of R&R BETH FILTRATION’s extraction and dedusting
systems. For different requirements of our customers, we design, manufacture
and assemble piping systems in various steel and stainless steel grades. We also implement
special structural requirements of free-hanging pipes for you. (eg. 115 ft. (35 m) self-supporting pipe system without additional support structure)

The qualities of the materials and wall thickness of pipe systems will be adjusted to
correspond with the transported media. These depend on the abrasive properties or chemical
composition. The design and dimensioning of the ductwork is carried out by our engineering personnel. Calculation and safe implementation of structural steel constructions are performed by our own structural/ welding department with highly skilled engineers.

Our production line includes an extensive and modern machinery pool, including a variety of metalworking machines, longitudinal welding machines and plasma cutting machines. Our competent team of technologists and engineers ensures an optimal and in-time execution of your production order. We manufacture longitudinally welded pipes and mouldings for the transport of the extracted media.

For the transport of high pressure media with abrasive roperties, we manufacture ductworks in so-called »heavyweight construction« with individual material thicknesses.